Handcrafted Jewelry by Kasey & Carrie

Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy

Lanna Jayne's jewelry is made with authentic crystals and high quality settings which are nickel free and hypoallergenic however it is fashion jewelry and should be treated with care.  To maintain the jewelry's beauty and luster for years to come it is recommended that you avoid contact with water, shampoo, hairspray, perfume, and/or lotions.  Do not submerge Lanna Jayne's in a jewelry cleaner. By signing or initialing this document you understand that you are purchasing high quality fashion jewelry and you understand the crystals are not real diamond and the settings are not real gold.  Lanna Jayne's has a return policy in place and you understand that if you choose to return your jewelry it must be done in the time frame documented in the return policy.  You agree that this jewelry has the potential to cause break outs, skin discoloration, or skin irritations and you do not hold Lanna Jayne's liable  for any such accounts.  Lanna Jayne's will not be held responsible if you do not adhere to the proper storage and cleaning of Lanna Jayne's.  Lanna Jayne's recommends the jewelry be kept in a room temperature environment and that the jewelry not be kept in any form of plastic; plastic materials will tarnish the settings, if you choose to store your jewelry in plastic or your jewelry comes in contact with water, shampoo, hairspray, perfume, and/or lotion products similar to the ones listed, Lanna Jayne's reserves the right to refuse a refund or exchange for such instances.  
Lanna Jayne's refund policy:
If you are unhappy with your jewelry we are willing to refund or exchange your piece(s) of jewelry that have not been worn within 14 days of the date of purchase.
By purchasing your jewelry online you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and the return policy.